From the majestic mountains of Cusco, to the healing lands and waters of the Sacred Valley, this powerful journey is a catalyst for deep healing and transformation.  Led by experienced facilitators with a lifelong dedication to the quest for healing and self-knowledge, you will enjoy four ceremonies with visionary Plant Medicines, as well as Despacho Ceremony, meditation, yoga, Sound Medicine, private and group integration sessions, ancestral traditions from the Andes with master healers, and excursions to powerful temples, as well as delicious and nourishing meals, and beautiful accommodations.  As we journey through incredible inner and outer landscapes, together we will release the obstacles that stand in the way of living a joyful, authentic life.

Our retreats are on pause during the Covid-19 pandemic. The healthcare system in Peru is quite vulnerable, and Peru has been hit very hard during this crisis. In wanting to respect and protect our community and the elders, we have decided that it is best to wait until the situation shifts. If you wish to learn more about upcoming retreats when we do resume taking groups to Peru, please visit!